Saturday, July 25, 2015

Podcast: Cognitive Dissonance and the Occult in Politics

Why is our political leadership so horrible?

  • Natural corruption of man (Both parties corrupt)
  • Systemic Corruption allows deep state / corptocracy to get it's way on items it cares about
Yet this doesn't explain it all.  We should be able to over come these issues and inact meaningful political reform.  But we cannot.  Why?

Why Reforms Fail: The Spiritual Component of Politics
  • Cognitive Dissonance makes us forget what we know.  That there is a spiritual war on and our leaders are targets. We must keep that in focus.
  • Some talented individuals when young are targeted by dark forces and groomed to be in positions of power.  Some believe they are working for divine forces and are deceived, some know exactly who they are working for and don't care because they gain power/wealth/fame/sex.
  • Well meaning politicans gain power and are targeted to be compromised.  They are lured into immoral behavoir / addictions so that they can be controlled by black mail or other forms of intimidation.
  • Dark forces using human dupes and spiritual dupes to protect it's minions in power so when they are caught in bad or illegal behavoir they are protected so nothing comes of it.
  • Ezeikiel 8 in the Bible provides a good model of how the leaders of a nation turn from righteousness to idolatry.  For America it is turning from individualism, Biblical morality, and Constitutional limited government something else.
So, How Do We Win?
  • Romans 13 We must pray for our leaders and our country.  Without spiritual protection and the provision of God politicians no matter who they are make easy targets for spiritual forces that seek to keep control of world governments.
  • Pray for both the good one and the bad ones.  Jesus died for them and wants to free them.  I'm convinced he also wants to use them and their talents He gave them to be a blessing to us and not a curse.
  • Give up hate.  That doesn't mean you shouldn't oppose bad policy nor evil men, but understand our leaders are targets and slaves.  When they fall do not rejoice instead feel sorrow and pray for the leaders that remain will repent and lead wisely

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